Why We Should Have Pets

By: BVECCS Admin

On: August 28, 2017

why we should have pets

Why Children Should Have Pets?

Teaching children about responsibility, love, compassion and all the important things in life can be challenging. There are so many distractions out there, devices and screens everywhere, technology in every corner. It is too, too easy for kids to forget about the simple, rewarding things, the things that they will remember when they are grown up.

Having a pet gives a child a way to simply be, to sit and pat the ever-loving puppy, cuddling the fluffy kitten, to just be happy.

There is no greater love than the love of a pet, and nothing that makes a child feel as loved as when they get home from the school, when the furry kids gallop over to greet them as if they haven’t seen them forever.

Love and security are among those key emotions that really make a child feel grounded, protected, and optimistic. If by having a pet in the family, they will feel more loved and secure, and will learn how to take care of them, love them and protect them, then it might be time to adopt a furry friend.

And when we have grown up, what do you think we all fondly remember from our childhood, with a little smile forming instinctively on our face?

Our pets. So take care of them. And when if they should ever require an animal emergency service from a caring team of vets, then call us because we know exactly how important your pets are.

First Aid for Toad PoisonWhy Seniors Should Have Pets

There is an increase in social isolation in today’s busy, busy society and this is particularly true for our senior population, especially if they have mobility difficulties.

Whilst we would not recommend a bouncing puppy for a senior, an older loving dog can fill a huge void of loneliness.

Dogs are such loyal, caring and giving animals they make great companions and whilst they can’t speak they can definitely express themselves with wagging tails, slobbery kisses and affectionate paws, thus well able to communicate with their owners.

Generally the more love a dog receives the more it returns, threefold… Mature warm-hearted (and trained) dogs are perfect partners for seniors. All that they ask for is an outside spot for their ‘business’, sun in the winter, food and water, lots of affection and somewhere to rest their weary heads many times during the day and at night.

24 hour emergency vet - we should have petsWhy Couples Should Have Pets

Many young couples work long hours, leaving the house early in the morning and returning after dusk. Many of these young couples now also delay having children and often find themselves considering having a pet to ‘fill the gap’. Couples climbing the corporate ladder, living in apartments don’t have the time for furry friends, but feathered ones on the other hand are just perfect.

Birds are wonderful pets requiring less companionship (particularly if you have two or more birds) and are usually accepted in units and apartments.

Birds are highly entertaining, intelligent pets, very social and often cheeky and funny – and surprising to most extremely loving and loyal. Hand raised budgies or cockatiels are perfect pets for couples and quickly become family members who will great you loudly (ready for a play and a head scratch) when you come home.

Why We Should All Have Pets

We should all have pets, why? Studies have found that having a pet not only increases the happiness of pet owners but are good for your health as well! A study by the RSPCA discovered that Australians with pets suffered less from depression; visit the doctor less and have better cardiovascular heath – among many other benefits.

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