what you should not feed your dog

What Your Dog Should Not Ingest… There is plenty of advice about what you should feed your dog for health and well being. However, as emergency vets, we know that pet owners need to be more aware of foods that are safe for us but that you should NOT give to your dog or allow… Read More »

dog admitted into hopsital

It’s a vulnerable feeling handing your pet over to a stranger and trusting them to care for your family member when they are unwell. But that is essentially what happens when your pet is required to stay overnight in hospital. Veterinary staff members do many things to reassure parents that their pet has received the… Read More »

high-rise syndrome

Fortunately, our emergency vets here at BVECCS  don’t see very many cases of high-rise syndrome. However, with more and more people living in high-rise apartments in Brisbane and surrounds, there will be more potential for this to occur. High-rise syndrome refers to the injuries that a cat sustains from falling from a height of more… Read More »

Dangers of Sultanas, Raisins and grapes for dogs

Grapes and Dogs While most animal owners are aware that chocolate is toxic to dogs, not many are aware of the possible dangers of grapes, raisins, sultanas and currants (which sometimes can be dried black grapes). This lack of awareness, plus the fact that grapes are healthy for us humans, mean that some pet owners… Read More »

Pet Emergencies Most of us pet owners have been in a situation where our pet is appearing not to be acting normally, and it’s after your regular vet has closed. Should you be calling the after-hours centre or are you just being an overprotective parent? You’re never wrong to call us. If you are concerned… Read More »